Empowering Family Talent

Family Content should make the world better. We are here to make it happen

We lead the largest family content community through leveraging digital technology to discover, produce and distribute the most suitable content about kids, education and home.

Quality and Safety Guarantee

Familyes connects top family friendly producers with brands through a premium curated multimedia solution.

We guarantee the content quality and safety under our warranty seal #isFamilyFriendly in order to protect the reputation of the brands.


Are you a creator?

Familyes is the ideal partner for all those multimedia creators who need a helping hand to accompany them, help them and advise them both inside and outside Youtube.

Are you a brand?

The leadership and quality assurance of Familyes makes advertisers, agencies and media have the assurance that their brand or product will be linked only to content suitable for all ages.


Together we will go far

Ways we can help you

Audience Development

Our professional team, qualified and certified by YouTube assists and advises individually to each partner.

Digital Rights

We are experts in managing and protecting brand attributes and copyrights for  music and video: art tracks, asset reporting, licenses.

Visibility and Promotion

Our investors also own a few massive reach websites in the field of parenting in Spanish and Portuguese.

More income

Don’t worry, you are in good hands. We have a creative global team dedicated in finding ways to increase revenue in your business.

Trust and Transparency

Our contract is super simple and straightforward. We want to make relationships work and stay happy.

Managing Talent

We believe in talent and we invest in technology to reach audiences with the content our associates produce.


We know how to reach and engage with your audience

A few ideas to get started

  • 360 Programs

    360 Programs

    From branded content and sponsorships to massive reach solutions integrating YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other premium family sites owned by our investors

  • Premium Multi-platform Content

    Premium, Safe, viewable family content across different devices

  • Familyes Studio

    Familyes Studio

    Video production company located in Madrid, Spain with a focus in Commercials, Motion pictures, Brand Film or Music Videos

  • Live Streaming

    Connect to the world with the broadest mix of games, videos, and live streams across Facebook, Periscope or Youtube

  • 3rd party provider

    Caption and Translation, analytics, Community Management, Youtube Channel administration, Channel Management and Channel Optimization

  • Marketing

    Marketing Services

    Merchandising, Distribution, and Sales

  • Youtube Partner

    Youtube Partner

    MCN for different verticals such as Kids Entertainment, Education, Parenting, Home and Premium exclusive global partner for Youtube Red and Youtube Kids

  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Partner with credible and reputable talents to promote your product

  • OTT


    Inventory on Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku devices, etc.

  • Other

    Research Studies, Augmented Reality, App Development, etc.

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