Artificial Intelligence, the best tool to remove unsafe content

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A couple of months ago there were reports that some ads on Youtube had appeared in offensive and/or violent content. As we exposed here, Youtube committed to improving its security procedures and guaranteeing the quality of the videos that are daily uploaded to the platform.

This resulted in the implementation of artificial intelligence that has proven to be highly capable of accurately identifying videos with unsafe content or favoring terrorism.

Among the highlights are:

– Increased speed and efficiency: 75% of extremist videos removed from YouTube were detected and deleted before even a single human user reported it.

– Precision: in many of the tests analyzed, the artificial intelligence platform was more accurate in their judgment than humans to determine if the video has inappropriate extremist content.

-Scope: With more than 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, this new AI has been able to work twice as fast with double efficiency and precision when it comes to detecting and deleting extremist audiovisuals.

Despite this, Google recognizes the need for human intervention and has partnered with 15 additional organizations such as NGOs to provide expert knowledge on topics such as hate speech, radicalization and recruitment.

Higher standards: Videos that are not illegal but have been reported as potential violators of YouTube policies will be limited. These videos will not be able to monetize, will not be recommended and will not have tools like comments, likes and suggested videos.

Early intervention and counter-terrorism: A new method called “Jigsaw’s Redirect Method” will be implemented. Said method is that the moment a person searches for suspicious words they will be redirected to a playlist of curated videos that directly confront and unmask these harmful notions.
Want to know more about what is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Visit our last entry here.

How to grow your Youtube channel through Facebook

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Find yourselfand bethat

Recently, Facebook announced that it will update the algorithm of the News section; And this time will take into account how quickly (or slowly) loads a web page after the user clicks on the link from his mobile.

Facebook explains that it will also penalize those pages that load very slowly, lowering its audience reach and prioritize those that load faster from the mobile application.

For this problem, in Familyes we have created a solution. From the Familyes Hub partners can share their content on Facebook (and many more platforms) and automatically generated link will be an Instant Article, which is favored in scope by the new update of the algorithm.

Familyes Hub is a proprietary technology to which all our associates have access for free. With this platform we centralize the work of content creators, organize their work, save time and enhance their reach.

If you want to access Familyes Hub you can contact us at the following emails: [email protected] or [email protected]

INTERLAND: Google’s new program for children to learn about online safety

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Google has launched an educational program designed to help children learn  what is the dangerous on the internet and also to know how to avoid them. The program is called Be Internet Awesome and was created with the help of teachers, organizations specialized in online security and videographers. This program consists of  a video game called Interland.

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The topics covered are relevant for all ages, from cyberbullying, which is something that’s currently happening way too much, to other things like how to create a strong password, how to be careful when sharing personal information on social media or how to avoid being ripped off on the internet.
Depending on the subject, children will be in one kingdom or another. For example in the subject of cyberbullying, children will find themselves in a realm where they have to help characters who have been bullied by giving them love in the form of likes and blocking and reporting to the bully. In the area of social networks, Share with Care, children will encounter a made up social network in which they will have to know wether if it is or not convenient to publish certain things. On the section Do not Fall for Fake children will have to decide which web pages are real and which ones are fake.

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-13 a las 13.01.14
So do not hesitate to show Interland to your children, the magical place where all the topics of security and respect online are treated, but in an intergalactic way in which children wil have lots of fun but also learn a lot.
You can find it here.










Do you know what Machine Learning is?

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machine learning post

Today we are going to talk about Machine Learning. I’m sure many of you have heard these words some time but you do not know in what it consists.

Machine learning  is a type of artificial intelligence that, as its name suggests, enables the machines to learn and so they can make decisions without the interaction of a person. Although these decisions can be taken by the machine itself, in most cases, it’s not only supervised by a human but also needs their collaboration for the creation of labels in the database of the machine.
There is also machine learning that is not supervised by a human. In this case the machine gets patterns resulting from the analysis of unlabeled data. In both cases it simply uses statistical analysis and predictive analysis to identify patterns in users data.

If you are an entrepreneur, machine learning could make your business grow making it more competitive. With machine learning you could for example follow the trends of the big market, creating patterns through the analysis of large databases.

machine learning post 2
Who uses Machine learning?

It is used by financial services, ie banks and companies to acquire data from their customers, the possibility of preventing fraud or identifying situations in which it is worth investing. It is also used by governments in matters of national security and also to avoid fraud. Machine learning is also used in marketing and sales since it is capable of analyzing customers’ buying patterns and recommending products that buyers will like, increasing sales. It is also used in health systems to predict diseases.
It is also used in the oil industry, to analyze minerals in the soil and to distribute petrol in a  more efficiently way.

So, as entrepreneurs, what can we use Machine Learning for?

Machine learning is available to everyone, there is no need to have huge databases to take advantage of their predictions. We recommend using it for:
-Prequent demand
-Preverse customers who will be unsubscribed
-Detect fraud
-Receive the delinquency

Mom’s creativity in the digital age

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Being a mom is being a creator by definition. In addition to creating a life, they are constantly creating solutions for the day to day affairs at home. Who can forget all the times that we made her run for a cardboard at 10 o’clock at night? Or improvised costumes for children’s school performances?



There is no doubt that they have always put all their creativity in the raising of their children, so it is not surprising that with the explosion of digital media they are the major influencers in the development of new technologies. Studies say that 91% of moms who own smartphones use it to make purchases and that half imagine a future in which they only buy through their mobile.

This influence of the mothers is remarkable in social networks, which have become the new family album. From the announcement of pregnancy (and the infallible ultrasound photo) to the baby’s first steps, moms and families are sharing more than ever.

With the diversity of mediums that have arisen, the moments and rituals that are shared have also increased. It is no longer just the birthday; Is the half birthday, the revelation of the genre, the first time eating lime, the first time in the rain Creativity is exploding!:

And best of all, is that mothers are sharing all this knowledge and creativity on the Internet and through Familyes, we empower and advise them so their content reaches new platforms and new audiences. The type of content is very wide but always in the Family & Kids category. From gender reveals:

About the difficulties of having a newborn baby with a touch of humor:

Parenting Tips and Product Recommendations:

And of course there are also many dads who share their experiences!

This trend is at different stages of development in different parts of the world. The greatest examples of this explosion of creativity are in America and Europe. In the Pacific region of Asia is in a nascent stage still because this type of events are still wrapped in much tradition and privacy. As the next generation begins to form their families, these trends will expand worldwide uniquely in each region.


How to protect your documents from cyberattacks?

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As you will all know a week ago the world suffered from a terrific cyber attack in which documents from large and not so large organizations were stolen, asking for massive amounts of money for the rescue of them.
On this post we won’t talk about cyber attacks but about how to protect our documents and computers so we never have to deal with this sort of problem.

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Here are the tips:

  1. Always keep web browsers up to date and only use VPN networks. We do not recommend connecting to open networks since anyone can see what you you’re searching, what you send and who you are.
  2. You must have an updated operating system. For example, the virus spread in the last cyber attack, did not affect Windows 10. For computers with other operating systems it is necessary to download a security patch from the Microsoft website.
  3. Back up all your documents in an external hard drives. Keep these hard drives in a safe place and do not allow access to them to other people.
  4. In the case of enterprise computers, it is important to limit the access of each employee, so if a virus attacked a computer, it could not get information that would affect the company as a whole.
  5. Use strong and long passwords, mixing numbers with special characters, uppercase and lowercase.
  6. Do not open suspicious links is basic to avoid cyber attacks. Especially if these links are received via email or social networks.
  7. If you were not able to avoid the attack we recommend you not to pay for the rescue of your documents since paying for them doesn’t guarantee you the recovery of those documents.

Children’s Privacy on Social Media

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Adapting to the digital world can be complicated and confusing sometimes. We grew up without internet and now our children are growing up in a world where the internet is a basic tool.
For this reason cybersecurity and being able to understand the consequences that sharing pictures of children can have is extremely important. We know how proud you feel of your children and the desire you have to show everyone how beautifully they are growing. For this reason most parents are sharing an average of 300 photos a year of their children, which means they would have shared almost 1,500 photos by the time the child was 5 years old, according to a study by Nominet.

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54% of the photos of children are shared on Facebook, this is why knowing the privacy settings of this social network is so important so that those images can only be seen by the people we know. This’s why we want to remind you that:
With an average of 295 friends per Facebook profile, parents admit that half of the friends they have on Facebook are not real friends because they either do not know them in person or if they meet them on the street they would not say hello to them.
This is one of the reasons why it is so important to review the security settings of your Facebook account if you are going to publish images of children, this way you will protect them from unknown or malicious people seeing their photos.

We recommend you to:
-Only share images with people you want to see the photos. You can do it like this:

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-16 a las 17.06.28

-Unfriend people you don’t know on Facebook is a great method of cybersecurity.
-If you publish an image and tag people on it, strangers could see it even if you’ve only given permission to see that picture to your friends. This is an important fact to keep in mind when it comes to tagging friends.
– You can choose to have different security settings in each of the albums you have, so if for example,  you don’t mind if strangers see photos of their pets but do not want them to see pictures of your children, you could have different albums with different privacy settings.
– Keep in mind that not only people who have a Facebook profile but also those who are not on Facebook can see your profile and cover photos. We recommend not putting profile pictures with children to avoid that malicious people might see them.
-Remember not to share pictures of other children without the permission of their parents and also asking other people who have uploaded pictures of their children to eliminate them, if you dislike who could see them, since you can not control the security settings of other people.
-The privacy settings of social networks are always changing. Remember to check that everything is ok on a regular basis.
-Educate your children so they know the dangers of sharing photos on social networks.
-The most important thing is always to take into consideration your children feelings and the future repercussion that the photos that you upload might have of them.

Have you already seen the Youtube’s latest redesign?

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Last Tuesday Youtube launched the demo of it’s new design, which is much more minimalists, being the video content the center of attention. On this post we are going talk about some of it’s new features.


We’ve realised that the size of the thumbnails have changed and are much bigger now. The Youtube Logo and also the home buttons are now smaller so the videos are on focus.


We have also seen other changes such as the language selection button which has been removed from the bottom menu and taken to the user drop down menu. On this same menu we will find the option to change the background colour into black in case the white background makes your eyes go tired or you simply don’t like it white.

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-03 a las 16.39.39

There’s the usual menu on the left in which you’ll find a new section called Youtube Movies. We will talk in depth about this on another blog post but here you’ll find a wide range of movies with really competitive prices. We will also have the possibility of watching the trailer of the movies before buying them.

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-03 a las 16.40.13

Even though this is a limited release in which users will have the opportunity to test it and send feedback to Youtube, we think the early future’s image of Youtube will be very similar to this one. Click here if you want to try it out!

The family friendly alternative for Netflix is here!

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Parents, we have great news for you!


Have you ever wondered where to find content that is suitable for your kids and the whole family? Wish there was a site with content that you and your children can enjoy together? With Familyes you can feel safe that your kids won’t be exposed to dangerous content while you go for a quick trip to the kitchen or bathroom.


Familyes presents its new free app for Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire


Familyes is a leading company of content creators in Spanish, having long experience in the sector and it’s completely dedicated to families. We count with as our partners, which is a world leader company in the areas of maternity, education and entertainment for children. We always make sure that all our content is premium, safe and varied for all members of the family.


Familyes connects families


In Familyes we know that connected TV is conquering the living rooms around the world, for this reason we’ve launched our new App. It is the perfect opportunity to connect the whole family and share quality time together, enjoying different types of videos such as drawing tutorials, songs, crafts, recipes and many more!

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-26 a las 13.31.01


That’s right, we have developed an incredible product for your whole family!


Download our App especially designed for your children’s education


Your children deserve the best content there is to be! Turn on your Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire device, look for our Familyes App,download it and in a couple of seconds you’ll have hundreds of hours of curated content, videos and entertainment in the Kids & Families category, to play with them or just learn how to dance, sing, learn another language, maths help, magic tricks, exercisevideos if you’d like to get fit, vlogs to see how other families are doing, etc.

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-26 a las 13.31.15The safety of our warranty seal #isFamilyFriendly


All our partners develop multimedia content focused on entertaining and educating families. They are backed by our #isFamilyFriendly warranty seal.


This App is the result of a long process alongside our partners to whom we have given technological and professional possibilities to distribute the great content they daily create.


If you are a content creator and would like to know more about Familyes, click here.


Premium content fuels connected TV

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Hey! Remember Google Glass? The revolutionary wearable that was going to change the way we experience reality? And then, nothing really happened…? Except it did, just not in the way we imagined first. Google discontinued Glass as a consumer product in 2015 but a version for the workplace lives on & it’s getting a second life in the manufacturing industry.

When there’s new technology invented the purpose of such is not always predictable. TV’s with internet connection were around first than streaming services, but people weren’t checking their email or facebook on their tv’s because it’s much more comfortable to do so from mobile & tablets.

The technology was there but it needed content. The connected TV market started to grow with the introduction of new features and content apps, like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and now our own Familyes app.

According to a study made by UM in 78 countries representing 1.5 billions active internet users, 45% of the population owns a smart TV or connected set-top box.

There’s no doubt we live in a smart age and with the introduction of disruptive business models and innovative technologies, television is transforming itself. There’s a 82% growth expected in connected TV devices by 2018. Amazon’s and Google’s streaming devices will enjoy the most growth from 2016 through 2020, followed by Roku players and smart TVs.

TV is not dead is transforming

People are watching more television, consuming more videos than ever, but the viewing experience has changed to the multi-screen phenomenon. With all this grow in smart TVs, connected set-top boxes and mobile, content es everywhere. The differential advantage in a saturated market will be quality and original content like the one our partners produce. For advertisers this is great news because it allows more targeted and relevant advertisements.

¿What about the kids?

Research shows that 1 in 3 internet users is a child, this presents a challenge for parents to maintain their kids security online. Family friendly content available in all streaming devices is the key for entertaining as well as educating our children in this new smart age.

With Familyes kids are alright.