The family friendly alternative for Netflix is here!

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Parents, we have great news for you!


Have you ever wondered where to find content that is suitable for your kids and the whole family? Wish there was a site with content that you and your children can enjoy together? With Familyes you can feel safe that your kids won’t be exposed to dangerous content while you go for a quick trip to the kitchen or bathroom.


Familyes presents its new free app for Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire


Familyes is a leading company of content creators in Spanish, having long experience in the sector and it’s completely dedicated to families. We count with as our partners, which is a world leader company in the areas of maternity, education and entertainment for children. We always make sure that all our content is premium, safe and varied for all members of the family.


Familyes connects families


In Familyes we know that connected TV is conquering the living rooms around the world, for this reason we’ve launched our new App. It is the perfect opportunity to connect the whole family and share quality time together, enjoying different types of videos such as drawing tutorials, songs, crafts, recipes and many more!

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That’s right, we have developed an incredible product for your whole family!


Download our App especially designed for your children’s education


Your children deserve the best content there is to be! Turn on your Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire device, look for our Familyes App,download it and in a couple of seconds you’ll have hundreds of hours of curated content, videos and entertainment in the Kids & Families category, to play with them or just learn how to dance, sing, learn another language, maths help, magic tricks, exercisevideos if you’d like to get fit, vlogs to see how other families are doing, etc.

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-26 a las 13.31.15The safety of our warranty seal #isFamilyFriendly


All our partners develop multimedia content focused on entertaining and educating families. They are backed by our #isFamilyFriendly warranty seal.


This App is the result of a long process alongside our partners to whom we have given technological and professional possibilities to distribute the great content they daily create.


If you are a content creator and would like to know more about Familyes, click here.


Premium content fuels connected TV

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Hey! Remember Google Glass? The revolutionary wearable that was going to change the way we experience reality? And then, nothing really happened…? Except it did, just not in the way we imagined first. Google discontinued Glass as a consumer product in 2015 but a version for the workplace lives on & it’s getting a second life in the manufacturing industry.

When there’s new technology invented the purpose of such is not always predictable. TV’s with internet connection were around first than streaming services, but people weren’t checking their email or facebook on their tv’s because it’s much more comfortable to do so from mobile & tablets.

The technology was there but it needed content. The connected TV market started to grow with the introduction of new features and content apps, like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and now our own Familyes app.

According to a study made by UM in 78 countries representing 1.5 billions active internet users, 45% of the population owns a smart TV or connected set-top box.

There’s no doubt we live in a smart age and with the introduction of disruptive business models and innovative technologies, television is transforming itself. There’s a 82% growth expected in connected TV devices by 2018. Amazon’s and Google’s streaming devices will enjoy the most growth from 2016 through 2020, followed by Roku players and smart TVs.

TV is not dead is transforming

People are watching more television, consuming more videos than ever, but the viewing experience has changed to the multi-screen phenomenon. With all this grow in smart TVs, connected set-top boxes and mobile, content es everywhere. The differential advantage in a saturated market will be quality and original content like the one our partners produce. For advertisers this is great news because it allows more targeted and relevant advertisements.

¿What about the kids?

Research shows that 1 in 3 internet users is a child, this presents a challenge for parents to maintain their kids security online. Family friendly content available in all streaming devices is the key for entertaining as well as educating our children in this new smart age.

With Familyes kids are alright.

7 tips to protect our kids from inappropiate videos

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As parents it’s not always easy to know when the content that a website has to offer is safe for our children or not. In the case of Youtube, and because of it’s large amount of uploads, it’s considerably easy to find risky content.

Here you’ll find a number of things that you can do to make of the time that our children spend watching Youtube videos, a family friendly experience.

1- It’s very important that you enable the Youtube Restrictive Mode on all the devices that your children make use of. Not many people know this option exists and it’s very useful to keep Youtube’s unsavory content away from your children. At the bottom of Youtube’s website you’ll find the option to change the Restrictive Mode, all you have to do is enable it . By doing this you’ll also enable Google SafeSearch which blocks explicit content from search results.

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2-Introducing your children to the Familyes Youtube Channel is a great way of making sure that your children are watching suitable videos for them. On this channel we share a lot of family friendly videos from different sources from our partners. The range of topics that they’ll find in our channel is very wide, they will find tutorials on how to make amazing crafts, fun cartoons, children stories and fairy tales, educational songs in different languages and a lot of family blogs and travel inspiration! Don’t miss out on this and let your children enjoy with Familyes.

3-Another good idea is to create your own family friendly playlists with videos that you know your children will enjoy. You can choose the length of the playlist depending on how long you want them to watch Youtube. This is a good way to keep them occupied with uninterrupted content.

4-There are many people out there making inappropriate comments on Youtube videos. A good way to avoid these comments is by removing them using the Hide Youtube Comments Extension for Google Chrome. Click here to download it.

5- Blocking Youtube channels that publish inappropriate content is another good option to avoid your children from watching them. To do this you’ll have to download the Google Chrome Video Blocker Extension. Click here to download it.

6- Download the Youtube Kids app on your devices to keep unsavory material away from your children. It’s much easier to use than the traditional Youtube app and a very interesting thing about it is that you can control the time your children spend on Youtube by setting the built-in timer.

7-And, of course, the most important thing is that you, as a parent, have the control of what your children are watching, If you spend time watching Youtube videos with them you will ensure that the content they’re watching is suitable for them.

Safe content is AdTech’s best friend

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Safe content is AdTech's best friend

The last 10 days, Google has been suffering the effects of a worldwide snowball event. Like we wrote on our blog, for quite some time there has been reports of ads running alongside problematic content, but on february an article on the London Times ‘broke the internet’ or at least the tech world.

Immediately after the article, major brands have pulled their ads from Youtube. The results to parent company Alphabet, is the loss of $26 billion in stock market value overnight. Safe content has never been more valuable than now.

Youtube’s first and most important priority at this time is to emplace better technology to ensure the quality of the videos, so programmatic digital advertising can be more accurate.

But, what is digital programmatic advertising? Simply put – programmatic advertising is a way to target what types of audiences you wish to show your advertising to. Which can be segments of age, gender, social standing and region. Regardless of where they are on the internet.

The difference between programmatic and ‘traditional ad buying’ is in the ‘old days’ you bought ad space from the publisher’s inventory display, now you are buying audiences, this way you are paying for very effective ads, delivered to the right people at the right time.

This is a highly automated process with no human input & at this massive scale the algorithms sometimes cannot always distinguish which content is toxic and should be avoided. That’s why the safety procedures must be improved. At the moment, Youtube’s primary methods to maintain brand’s safety online are:

  • Content filters are a built-in YouTube function that can be used to filter out general content categories, such as “Mature Audience Only.”
  • Blacklisting is maintaining a database of sites or channels that are blocked. Blacklists are organized by categories like racism/sexism, pornography, guns and violence, and terrorism.
  • Whitelisting: curating a list of known good content producers, like our partners on Familyes. When brands run ads with us, they’re 100% safe, as we choose and curate our content manually. Safe, premium content is adtech’s greatest allied, the most reliable and long term measure to protect brand’s reputation.

With over 1 billion users watching 5 billion videos every single day, avoiding Youtube forever is not a viable choice. The upside of this situation is that is going to make the internet a safer place. Dreadful content will be intolerable and when the dust has settled, better software & technology will be in place and brands will return to Youtube.

Is my kid having too much screen time?

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a title hereThat is a question a lot of parents are asking themselves in this day and age. When screens are everywhere, from phones, tablets and TVs, how can we make sure tech benefit our kids? Is there a way to promote its educational potential while avoiding the negative consequences?

What current research says about the relationship between screen time and cognitive and emotional development; academic engagement and achievement; literacy, language and communication skills; and physical health?

Luckily for us, experts in professional education by the Northern Illinois University College of Education are examining all of this questions and offered their opinions and strategies that can help parents make sense of it all.

5 ways to deal with increased screen time:

  1. Remember that quality of content and user experience matter: Before we grab our pitchforks against all kinds of technology, let’s remember all devices are potential tools for learning. Developers of instructional technology consciously design software to bring active learning that follows educational best practices. Here in Familyes we always make sure to deliver quality content that will entertain our kids but at the same time be educational for them.
  2. Set rules: The recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics is 1 hour a day for preschoolers and to establish screen-free places, especially bedrooms. We must also realize that our own digital lives influence our children, so if they are watching you, turn off the tablet or put down the phone.
  3. Keep a close eye on your child’s digital life: Remind your kids that part of having access to technology is that you can monitor their devices. Make sure you understand their favorite apps and even join them to familiarize yourself with the kind of content they are consuming.
  4. Encourage active programs: Many videos on Youtube are instructional, our own channel is filled with DIY activities, educational songs and even videos to learn another language!
  5. Pay close attention for “red flags” of digital addiction: Are they choosing their phones over human interaction or physical activity? Do they put up a fight when asked to turn off, or turn over, the tech? Are their grades suffering? For this, human interaction – human emotional connection – is key. You have the power to connect with your kids better than any technology that can be invented.

New emojis for new moms

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giveThis year we could be seeing 69 new emojis including one of a breastfeeding mother!
Emojipedia “The world’s pre-eminent emoji especialist” created a mock-up of potential emojis in Apple-style.

It’s great to see emojis are evolving and becoming more inclusive with each update. Additionally to the emoji of a breastfeeding mother, the new proposals include a girl in a headscarf and several faces with no gender specified.


Don’t forget about the kids!

We could also be seeing the inclusion of a T-Rex, sauropod, wizards, vampires, and mermaids which we are certain will be a favorite among our kids.

There’s no guarantee we will get all these emoji, as Emojipedia notes this list “subject to change.”

If you wish to see the full list click here

We love video, Apple does too

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CUPCAKEApple has announced a new video-editing app called Clip. It’s a mobile-first, vertical-friendly editing tool. “iMovie for your phone” is what some insiders are calling it. It’s a free app that will arrive in April, and works on the iPhone 5S and later, or on an iPad (Air, Mini 2 and later) or an iPod Touch.

Certainly making recording and editing videos easier is a great news for us and our partners. This new app will allow everyone to unleash their creativity in new and exciting ways. There are real-time filters for photos or video, from tinted black-and-white to Prisma-like comic book effects and of course the rulers of the internet, emojis.

Joy comes in a square format

Clip will record all its videos in a square format, like Instagram or the late Vine. Titles and end cards can be added to videos, much like iMovie’s trailer-like effects. You will be also able to add videos from your camera roll and multiple clips can be added and then dragged around to re-edit nonlinearly.

Say yes to subtitles

One of the great features of Clip will be the ability to turn audio into captions added right into the video timed to when you actually said it. Captions will be especially convenient for people who watch videos with audio off, like almost everyone on Facebook.

Video marketing is booming

Clip comes in a time when video marketing is in its all time high, content creators like our partners are gaining a vital place in the marketing plans of all major advertisers to connect with people and convert them into paying consumers.

Here in Familyes we help top family friendly content creators to meet with brands through a premium curated multimedia solution. Clip will positively enrich this experience for viewers, content creators and brands.

What do you think? Will you be installing Clip this April?

We certainly will :)

Family friendly content is the future

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The future is family friendly (1)

The great thing about the internet is that everyone can join in and find diverse views and have a voice in this big wide world, the bad thing about the internet is that *everyone* can join, even the ones that create hateful, offensive and derogatory content. Recently, some ads have been appearing on content that was not aligned with advertisers brand values. For this, Google has announced new safety controls for display & video advertisers.

This has been a major concern among the advertising industry, the one that allows good and honest content creators to earn a living, like our partners on Familyes. Great quality, curated & safe content has always been our core value and the reason that drives the company. We know how important is to educate and entertain children in a secure environment, as well for advertisers to have certainty their ads will appear next to excellent content.

For this, Google has announced taking a tougher stance on problematic material and removing ads more effectively from content that is attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories. This new guidelines includes ads will only show up against legitimate creators in their Youtube Partner Program, which Familyes is part of.

The changes are as follows:

  • Safer default for brands: Ads will show on content that meets higher level of brand safety.
  • Simplified management of exclusions: Easier controls to exclude specific sites and channels.
  • More fine-tuned controls: New tools to make it easier for brands to exclude higher risk content.

For our company this is great news because it marks a new era of larger concern about safety guidelines and higher content standards, something we’ve always emphasized in all of our activities. This is the beginning of a truly safe internet, a place where children can learn and play using all the advantages the web has to offer.


Emotional Marketing as a Business Strategy

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Emotional Marketing allows us to approach the human side of our users to attract them with our content. A good way to apply it is during some special times of the year. However, internally in the company we apply this method in the relationship with customers, even when we launch a marketing campaign to capture new leads.

Have you noticed what a publication with emoticons generates? Surely and simply thanks to this you have obtained more followers and comments from your users and customers;)

As we see, this marketing strategy goes beyond simply satisfying the needs and desires of our consumers, but is the way to make them feel identified and valued.

To continue to achieve this we base it on 4 factors:

  1. Affective bond: Brand – Consumer

For there to be Emotional Marketing there must be an affective relationship between the brand and the consumer. A relationship of reciprocity. In Familyes we create and group the best contents for the whole family. What we offer is entertainment and education.

It is not just about offering you a variety of content that we currently manage, but that content will generate feelings and maybe you can find what you are looking for.

Marketing Emocional para negocios

  1. Experiences, Sensations and Emotions

That is what we are looking for: to give families experiences, feelings and emotions. Through education we are contributing to live in a better world by offering safe and varied contents for parents, children and / or interested in our family content.

  1. Lovemark

Whoever loves a brand is hooked on what we offer. We offer real content and everyone’s reach. Why do they prefer us? We have several strategic allies, more than 200 associates who rely on our work; We offer 100% safe content, we are the largest in the family vertical in Latin America and Spain.

  1. Valuable  Marketing Content

It is fundamental, because without it we could not understand what our customers want or need our users. Without this we would not know which of the networks we currently use (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) would work better to communicate. Thanks to this we transmit confidence to those who follow us.


Our partners generate video content by telling their real stories, teaching how to do some crafts or simply telling their experiences as first-time parents, for example. Through sounds and music allow us to feel and understand their messages that excite and envelop those who see them.

That material leads the customer to identify with us and begins to create a link with the brand and of course, with the creator of the content.

How do you apply Emotional Marketing in your company? Let us know more in a comment!


LEGO life: the new social network for children

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The inappropriate use of new technologies is a matter of concern among parents.

Cyberbullying, the publication of personal data and false profiles are reasons why dads and moms establish internet access limits; knowing this, the LEGO company has launched a free App that guarantees peace of mind for parents.

Digital security for children

According to the Company, the characteristics of LEGO life were established through working together with UNICEF. On the other hand, to ensure the safety of users, LEGO will implement moderators who will control comments and publications.

The goal is to create a new digital community of children

The App was created so that children under 13 years old share their creations and interact in a friendly environment where the anonymity of their identities will be maintained through personalized figures that represent the user. In addition to this, the name of each profile is generated by an alternative generator of three words selected by the child as: “DukeCharmingShrimp” or “ChairmanWilyDolphin.”

A great and innovative idea

The text keyboard was replaced by personalized emoticons that can be used only when sharing creations or commenting on other users’ posts, since there is no possibility of direct chat between them.

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The user experience is very complete

The App has all the characteristics of a social network: user profile, “like” button, possibility of commenting, use of hashtags and home page that includes Lego promotional content as well as images shared by other users. In short it is an “Instagram for children”.

There is possibility of participating in construction challenges, questionnaires, curious data of Lego characters, ideas of new creations. Anyway, all about the LEGO world.

If you want to have full access, you must have a LEGO ID account, for which you must have a permit either from the mother, father or guardian of the child.

If you want to know more about LEGO life, visit LEGO ®