Troubling times for Youtube & what the future holds for Connected TV

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Troubling times for Youtube & what the future holds for Connected TVThis are troubling times for Youtube, back in April we wrote on our blog about ads running alongside problematic content, you can read all about here. However, it looks like any actions taken haven’t stopped advertisers from pulling their advertising budgets. The brands that have pulled out their budgets so far, are Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Lidl, Cadburys, and others.

It’s not that YouTube has been sitting back, they continue to crack down disturbing content and throughout the course of the year the platform has tried to fix a variety of issues, some of the measures have been:

  • Addressing advertiser concerns around where their advertisements are placed. Read the full guidelines here.
  • Only serving ads on channels with over 10k lifetime views.
  • Changing the guidelines for creators to join its Partner Program. For example, now it’s mandatory to be part of the YPP to join a multi-channel network like Familyes.

Some of these measures have brought controversy because the system has unwittingly demonetized safe and friendly content.

Now, the problem has resurfaced due to an article called “Something is wrong with the internet” which put a new light to disturbing content aimed at children and the way automation creates endless algorithmically generated keywords.

In response the company has terminated more than 270 accounts and removed over 150,000 videos from the platform. It also turned off comments on more than 625,000 videos targeted by child predators. Finally, they removed ads from nearly 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels masquerading as family-friendly content, you can read their full statement here.

YouTube has previously said it demonetized 3 million such videos since June, bringing the new total to 5 million.

With all this controversy, it has become incredible clear now, that safe family friendly content is priceless, and our mission as a company is needed more than ever. Our network is composed of high quality content creators and our vision is to bring that content to multiple platforms not just Youtube.

The market for Connected TV continues to grow bringing new audiences & revenue for our partners but also a safer environment for children to watch and discover new content. Just by visiting our channel you have hours and hours of safe, family friendly entertainment! And also you have the certainty that there won’t be any malicious content.

Youtube Kids is getting an upgrade

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youtube-kidsYoutube Kids, the kid-friendly, version of YouTube first introduced in 2015, is getting a notable upgrade. The updated app is adding several new features designed to reflect the app’s now aging user base, including profiles that are customized based on the kid’s date of birth, as well as additional security controls for parents and kids.
The Kids app is designed with a simpler interface, fun music and curated selections of kid-appropriate content like the one our partners produce!
In the new release, parents can now sign in with their Google account in order to create customizable profiles for their child or children. yout-kids-profile
Based on the kid’s age, YouTube Kids will change the way it looks. This will be useful not only for parents with multiple kids, but also because YouTube Kids itself, by default, looked like an app that was designed more so for preschoolers than the school-age crowd.

youtube-kids-profilesWith the new profiles, younger children will see an app that uses less text while older kids will have more content on their homescreens, says YouTube.
Read the official note here:

Is binge watching bad for you?

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BINGE watching

We’ve all been there, you start watching a show that you really like and without realizing you have spent hours in front of the tv, but is binge-watching bad for your brain and body? We know for sure that being in front of a screen too much time causes a strain in our eyes. But are there any other more serious long term effects?

With the advent of the computer age, our time in front of digital screens has increased greatly and this includes our children. Kids who spend a lot of time indoors can have development effects. Conditions like Myopia, where the eyes can’t focus properly is seen much more frequently in children who spend more time inside. Not only you’re more forced to focus in nearby objects as opposed to far off landscapes and distances, but scientists believe that the sun itself may actually play a role in healthy eye regulation. If you are interested in ways to deal with these increased screen time in our kids check out this post.

While t.v. may feel a good way to relax your body and brain that may not be always a good thing. Not only is a sedentary lifestyle a major contributor to obesity, but studies have shown that people who watch less tv tend to burn more calories, even if they are not doing more physical activity. Simply doing more mental rigorous tasks, like reading, playing a board game or a simple household activity requires more energy and burns more calories. Activities like crafts can be a fun way to share quality time with your kids, like this easy photo christmas tree-fridge magnet:

And if you want to truly relax, tv before bed may also be hurting you. Studies have shown that it may actually reduce the hours of quality of sleep, contributing to chronic sleep debt. It may also affect other bedtime activities. Researchers have found that those who watch more than 20 hours of tv a week have on average a 44% reduction in sperm. But, perhaps the most significant finding direct directly to your lifespan. Not only there’s a documented correlation between tv viewing time and risk for diabetes & heart disease, but as shocking as it may be, multiple studies have found a correlation between tv viewing time and all causes of death. One study concluded that every hour spent in front of the tv may cut as many as 22 minutes of your life.

Of course correlation does not equal causation and you can have a healthy relationship with tv if consumed in moderation like anything else. At the root of many of these claims is the physical inactivity associated with prolonged tv watching. Ultimately the more you move the more you live.

4 ways to get more subscribers on Youtube

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So you decided to become a content creator or your channel just needs a little push to get more subscribers. Here we bring you a couple of simple tips to improve your audience on Youtube. We hope you put them to practice & find them useful:

    1. Create content often: Upload videos at least once a week. As we mentioned before consistency is the key to create a successful Youtube channel. Try to upload them at regular times throughout the week and let your viewers know when your next video will be available. People are more likely to subscribe to a channel that is regularly producing content, plus Youtube’s algorithm prioritizes new content. Captura de pantalla 2017-10-16 a la(s) 17.02.12 copy
    2. Properly tag your videos.  Make sure to use all the 500 characters Youtube puts at your disposal. Here at Familyes we help our partners to optimize their videos and we suggest the best and most popular tags for your video. Use multi-word tags as well as single words. People often search for phrases.
    3. Take some time to write a good title. A good eye-catching title is key for the success or failure of your video. If your channel is not well-known yet, you need to include as much keywords as you can. Fox example, in video tutorials the phrase “How to” or “Step by step” may be the most efficient way to gain views.
    4. Write meaningful descriptions. Only the first few lines of your description will be visible when the video comes up in a search, so make sure that the beginning of the description does a good job of explaining the video and what the viewer is about to see. Make sure to include a good number of keywords in your description, but don’t overload it and make it difficult to read. Ask people to subscribe to you within the description and offer a link to your channel. Also, include all your social media links you may have. edit-youtube-video-basic-description-2



What is Connected TV & how Familyes can help you grow your income

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Hello again dear readers, it has been awhile since we’ve talked about Connected TV. Connected TV has been growing exponentially across the United States & Latam and for that reason Familyes decided to launch its new free app for Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire, you can read all about it here.

But first, what is Connected TV? Connected TV is a term that refers to any type of TV screen that can stream digital video. Connected TV doesn’t require a TV set that comes out of the box with an internet jack, the so-called smart TV. Viewers can feed TV-over-the-web to their sets using streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV & Amazon Fire.


According to an analysis conducted by Nielsen in the United States, today, over 23% of TV homes have installed a digital streaming device such as an Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Roku, up from 19% in June 2016.

Right now, Roku is the leading Connected TV device maker, it has 49% of the market share in streaming devices, that translates to 38.9 million Americans viewers at least once a month, Amazon Fire is at 35.8 million and Apple TV at 21.3 millions.


Roku users spend an average of 50 hours per month watching content and amounts to 9 billion hours streamed in 2016.

How we help you grow your income?

With those impressive numbers,  Roku is an excellent medium for our partners to distribute their content in other platforms besides Youtube and have a more holistic approach in delivering media. We help our partners to create their own Roku channel free of charge and with the same effort they can receive extra income and benefit from higher CPMs. What’s not to love about that?

If you are a content creator and would like to know more about Familyes, send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

6 beginners mistakes on Youtube

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Diseño sin título

Are you a new creator of YouTube content and feel frustrated because your videos do not reach the views you desire? Here we explain you the most common mistakes according to our experience, we hope you learn from them and do not repeat them!

  1. Lack of strategy: Before you start uploading videos to your channel, think about how you want it to be, what kind of videos you’re uploading, what media you have to upload them to, how often you upload them, how you promote them on social media.
  2. Too much variety: It’s hard for you to define what your channel is about and you do all the types of videos you see that succeed on other channels. You do gameplays, you do vlogs, you do challenges, you do tutorials … just because it worked to another Youtuber doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Soon you realize that what succeeds is not the “type of video” but “how the video is made”. Obviously there are formats that work better than others on YouTube, but the most successful creators triumph by their personal style. Work on finding your own style, unique and original.
  3. You only focus on video: It happens to all of us at the beginning. We are too focused on making the best videos and we leave aside the distribution strategy: Where and how are we going to share them? What are we going to do to make our channel known?
  4. Full length videos: In the previous blog entry we talked about audience retention and why when you are starting on Youtube it is better to have shorter content since it is proven to be the one that works best. Over time you will learn to make them more dynamic with more choppy and attractive editions. You do not have to show everything to tell something. Less is more.
  5. No calls to action: It is important that you include in all your video calls to action. You can do it in different ways: talking directly to the camera, placing text in video, enabling cards and endscreens. And the objectives can vary: ask your viewers to subscribe, comment, share it on social networks, participate in your next dynamic or contest …
  6. No attention to SEO: In Familyes we know how important SEO is and that is why we optimize all the videos of our partners. Find out which are the best keywords for your videos and use them in tags, titles and descriptions. Beginners are obviously new to SEO and are failing to achieve good SEO efforts to get identified among the crowd. And if you have any doubts about it you can always contact us!

So there, those are the most common mistakes beginners make on Youtube. Are you struggling as well? Let us know so we can help you! You can write to [email protected]

What is the secret to a successful Youtube channel?

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At Familyes we want to promote and empower family content, so with this blog entry we hope to answer one of the most frequent questions we receive:

What is the secret to a successful Youtube channel?

The secret to a successful Youtube channel is no secret: It’s consistency in publications. Publishing content constantly is paramount to your channel’s growth and is a factor that the Youtube algorithm takes into account when recommending videos in the “Suggested Videos” section.

We know that maintaining a routine is not easy, so we present 4 tips to better organize your publications:

  1. Plan the videos with a “Content Planner”: In the same way that we plan our day-to-day or business meetings, we must also schedule the content of our videos. Defining the idea we will address with 2 weeks or 1 month in advance saves us time when filming. It also has a strategic role for the future: It gives you a bird’s eye view of the type of content you’re sharing with your audience and whether you’re being consistent with the theme of your channel. Planners templates abound on the web and all are useful, the important thing is to write down your ideas.
  1. Write a script: Unless you are a master of oratory, it is likely that a script will help you greatly reducing the time it takes to record your video. If writing a script seems boring or tedious, at least write the main points you want to talk about in the video.
  1. Record in batches: It is true that recording a video involves a lot of pre-production, so if you manage to do several in a single session, you will decrease the time you spend recording videos. In one day you could record enough material for the whole month!
  1. Separate long videos: Excessively long or repetitive videos is a case that we see very often and this is where having a script is incredibly useful. When you are starting with your channel it is better to keep your videos between 1 and 3 minutes since one of the ways YouTube measures the quality of your video is audience retention. Audience retention is the percentage of the video your viewers watched. This data can be checked in your analytics. The longer you keep the audience, your video is better qualified by Youtube, thus improving your SEO. When you are starting up and you do not have an extremely loyal fan base, separating long videos is a good tactic to increase your audience retention rates.

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-19 a la(s) 17.32.25






A screenshot of audience retention from one of our most successful videos.

We hope that these tips are useful and you put them into practice in your channels, if you have any other questions or want us to address a specific topic do not hesitate to tell us below or write us to the email: [email protected]

Thank you very much for your attention!

What do Facebook and Harry Potter have in common and how does it affect your Youtube channel

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In the midst of the battle for “views” on the Internet, a team of Facebook engineers studied why very few people were playing videos inside the news feed. The divine inspiration and solution to the problem came when a team member remembered the Harry Potter movie newspaper, where the images came to life as the characters read the news. So they decided that the videos would play automatically but, to avoid being too invasive, they would do it in silent mode.

This was in September 2013, by 2016, Facebook had already accumulated 8 billion views a day. This figure, although impressive, has some flaws since Facebook counts a view when only 3 seconds have passed. Youtube, on the other hand, had already moved away from this approach, for a more time-oriented visualization or “watch time” in a single session.

… And talking about Youtube, How does this affect my channel?

After the explosion of video on Facebook, its engineers have continued to work improving the platform, making the videos easier to share and of course prioritize the native videos compared to the external links in their algorithm, the vast majority of these links being of Youtube of course.

If you are a content creator and you have a fan page you have probably already noticed that the reach of a link from Youtube is much lower than a native Facebook video. We know the obstacle that this represents and through our Hub our partners can share their videos without being penalized by the Facebook algorithm.

But in addition to this, there is a much more harmful Facebook practice called “Freebooting” which is the act of downloading copyrighted material from another person, often from Youtube and uploading it to the native Facebook video player. Where unlike Youtube and its Content ID system, there is no protection for content creators or efficient mechanisms for making claims.

Here is a video explaining further:

All this, coupled with the fact that at the moment only a small part of the creators have access to monetization, has angered and frustrated many “youtubers” with Facebook. As a result, the social network launched its “Rights Manager” but is not open to the public yet, you can apply for access here:

Finally, among this abundance of platforms and content have emerged the terms as “Economy of attention” where the giants Facebook and Youtube are fighting a place.

To know more about it wait our next blog entry!

7 sites to download royalty-free music

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7 sitios para descargar música libre de derechos (1)

Do not miss the opportunity to monetize your creations on Youtube by using music that is not allowed.

Among our day to day activities as a multiplatform certified by Youtube, is the copyright management for our partners to ensure that their content is protected against possible plagiarism.

Therefore, to prevent any copyright infringement, it is very important that the resources you used, whether visual or musical, are royalty-free.

Here’s a compilation of sites where you can find free music to get the most out of your creations:

  1. Youtube audio library: This one is perhaps the most obvious but couldn’t be left out. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 17.26.14
  2. This site allows you to filter royalty-free music by genre and popularity. You can easily listen to a preview of the piece and download songs instantly without an account. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 17.29.51
  3. This site specializes in sound effects. If you need certain noises or sound effects in your videos, this is a great site. You will need a free account to download the files. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 17.32.41
  4. the tracks of this site are published under Creative Commons, which means that you only have to give credit with a text to the creator. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 17.33.41
  5. This site requires a free registration and you can download up to 5 songs per day. The difference here is that you can download the files in WAV or MP3. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 17.37.56
  6. Looperman specializes in loops, sounds and samples. You can choose from a wide range of different genres and use these loops in your YouTube videos. You will need a free account to download. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 18.05.06
  7. Pond5 owns the world’s largest video database, but also has royalty-free music. Select the Public Domain (Free) filter and download the track. Captura de pantalla 2017-08-28 a la(s) 17.40.36

Youtube News: update in monetization controls & more

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youtubefest (1)

Updating the monetization icons

If you are an avid content creator you may have already seen these changes, if you still can’t see them, it is possible that in the coming weeks you will receive a notification from Creator Studio when this feature is available in your account.

Why these changes?

As we have written before, Youtube has focused its efforts on getting advertisers to be more secure about the place where their ads appear. When applying these new policies some videos were considered not suitable for all advertisers, so the number of ads that are displayed on them has been limited.

For more detailed information on the monetization status of each of your videos, new icons have been created. You will also have the option to appeal if you think that Youtube has wrongly classified them. The icons will be the following:

A green icon will only appear on videos that earn revenue from as many advertisers as possible.

A yellow icon will be displayed next to videos that can not show ads (or only show a limited number of ads).

A crossed out icon will appear on videos that are not receiving revenue from ads or YouTube Network. This category includes videos that have claims from third parties or that Youtube believes violate their monetization policies.

The appeal status will appear in blue letters below the monetization icon. If they approve yours, more ads may appear in your videos.

The YouTube Editor and photo slideshows will no longer be available.

The YouTube Editor and photo slideshows will no longer be available from September 20, 2017.

Youtube has decided to withdraw and photo slideshows because only a small number of creators use them. Although we know that they are useful functions to make videos quickly, Youtube will focus on creating tools that help more creators to enhance the growth of their channels.

If you need new software to edit videos, you can consult the third-party tools available. Visit the community forums and platforms ( to see what types of software other creators use.